Cell Phone Signal Scrambler

Are the school’s mobile anti-harassment measures harmful to humans and phones? Users can rest assured that the strength of the electromagnetic signal emitted by the cell phone jammer is very low. It has passed the microwave radiation test and certification of the Department of Health. The test data shows that the signal strength is not very harmful to the human body. At the same time, the radio wave prevention device only blocks the forward signal of the phone, so that the phone cannot be connected to the base station, so that the phone itself will not be damaged. Is there a difference in the distance between the cell phone signal scrambler and the cell phone signal scrambler used indoors and outdoors? Answer: Yes. The effective distance of the cell phone signal scrambler (not necessarily 1-40 meters, depending on the distance of the environment) usually refers to the indoor distance.

Very good multifunctional cell phone signal scrambler are also widely used. For example, it can be used in theaters, museums, hospitals, etc. It can be used to pack radio signals. You don’t have to worry about the situation that will break the silence or affect the precision equipment. Many students use their mobile phones to play secretly during class. After purchasing an electromagnetic wave protective cover for a smartphone, students can help them focus on their courses. You can maintain a safe and comfortable space. Avoid overheating, high pressure, strong magnetism, humidity and bad places. Most mobile phones and GPS devices may be disabled with a probability of 100% or higher. Protect your privacy by preventing peeping and eavesdropping. It can also prevent fraudulent use of smartphones. Or a multifunctional eavesdropping and peeping detector that can effectively prevent fraud during testing. Just install cell phone signal scrambler the antenna and turn on the Power . After the operation, the antenna of the mobile phone and smart phone will gradually decrease.

10 Antennas Plus Portable Cell Phone Signal Jammer LOJACK GPS Wi-Fi Blocker

10 Antennas  5g Jammers
It can be applied at meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, bus and more Places that require silence, confidentiality and information security For some locations of special purpose such as hospitals, gas stations and more, please do field test first to make sure no interference happened to the normal operation of their equipment and instrument