Privacy policy :



*For web sites, we realize the importance of the individual privacy of customers, always adhere to this in our website about personal privacy policy regulations stipulated by the state. Also has been trying to improve method for the protection of customer privacy. For the method to protect the privacy of clients we will continue to improve.

*Privacy system

*To respect user privacy is a basic policy on this site. So, this site will not be without legitimate users authorized to open, edit, or disclose its registration data and save the non-public content in this site. Information will be used only for the purpose of collection that have been identified, if you have any other USES besides, we will be your consent in advance.

*Privacy statement

*This website acknowledged, respect for and protection of registered users to provide any or all personal information (including name, phone, email and mailing address, etc.)

* Registered users can at any time we informed about the change of the registered users any information, such as address, position, phone number or E-mail address changes, to help our website to ensure the accuracy of the registered users' personal information. We will work to protect the registered user's personal information and privacy, and assure you of the information security.

*The security of the information

*Commitment to this web site, to protect the security of your personal information, at the same time, take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Information correct We will do our best to provide you with a reasonable and practical way so that you confirm and correct not accurate information or update the information you provided. The company would not have the information to a third party.

*Change in the privacy agreement

*This may be due to some reason to change this privacy agreement at any time. Now, the use of the information we collect is subject to actually use to collect the information or privacy agreement. If we change to use information way, we will sent through email or in a notice posted on this website to notify you. After the first release of such changes, when users use the site bound by any changes to this privacy policy.