Cell Phone Interceptor

With the popularity of mobile phones, news channels regularly report many events with serious consequences. Excessive use of mobile phones can cause glaucoma, and use of mobile phones in dark conditions can cause problems such as deep myopia in children's eyes. The rapid economic development has brought people's living standards to another stage. During this period, many people spend most of their day on the Internet, especially using mobile phones. It can be said that with the improvement of living standards, we should pursue a healthy lifestyle and spend more time on meaningful things instead of putting them on our mobile phones all day, and dealing with mobile phones is only ours. Communication and amateur entertainment tools.

To make matters worse, in a long period of time, there have been fewer and fewer cases of sudden death when playing games on mobile phones. Mobile phones are widely used. Common mobile frequencies include GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS, 3G, and 4G. The frequency of mobile communication allows people to communicate with each other easily. But this also brings a series of problems, such as mobile phone harassment, mobile phone ringtones and mobile phone security issues everywhere. In this case, 4G LTE cell phone jammer can help solve many problems.

Someone can intercept phone signal blockers to eavesdrop on your conversations, and they can track you through tower triangulation. This classification of jammers is Powerful and can interfere with GSM 3G 4G frequencies, as well as GPS or WiFi. We provide many cell phone interceptor. Multi-frequency portable jammer designs are more popular. If you need to protect location privacy or anti-tracking, you can purchase equipment from the GPS jammer category to prevent tracking.

Smart phones have seriously affected people's life balance, health, and their work efficiency. In some units, the boss installed a cell phone interceptor in the office to prevent the cell phone from working properly, thereby increasing productivity. Mobile jammers are widely used in office areas.

A cellular phone signal jammer is an electronic jamming device that prevents signal transmission between the cellular phone and the base station. By generating the same frequency as the mobile phone, the mobile cell phone interceptor can severely interfere with the communication between the caller and the receiver. It effectively prevents signal transmission from UMTS, 3G, CDMA, GSM and PHS networks. Due to the popularity of 4G signals, new interference devices can also block 4G and 4G LTE signals. Now, the ability to block 4G signals is one of the criteria to determine whether a scrambler device can be used in various applications.