Intellectual Property:

Jammer-shop is designed to respect all kinds of Copyrights, patents, trademarks and intellectual property rules, countries, federal and international conventions, and we put it under the general policy of jammer-shop's own activities.

You may not use any information provided by this website for commercial purposes or for the benefit of other businesses. Jammer-shop reserves the right to refuse services, terminate accounts and/or cancel orders, including but not limited to jammer-shop's view that customer behavior violates applicable laws or damages jammer-shop.

If you (or multiple) holders of intellectual property rights, you feel that sales, quotes and products/services provided by appear to be enfeindre your rights and interests. Please contact IPIP to provide the following documents:
1. An electronic or physical signature of an infringing authority (natural person or legal person);
2. The exact description of the work;
3. Exact description of the location of the offending items on the site (link of the product URL);
4. Your contact information so that we can contact you: mailing address, your phone number, your E-mail, etc.
5. Prove your intellectual property certificate and prohibit the use or commercial leasing.