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Analyze the emotional processing characteristics of college students who rely on mobile phones. A series of experimental studies on emotional processing of college students who rely on mobile phones found that, compared with college students who do not rely on mobile phones, college students who rely on mobile phones have a better understanding of sad emotional faces. After activating sadness, college students who rely on mobile phones will show more neutral stimulation in the future. Be judged as negative emotions. Compared with the non-dependent group, college students in the mobile phone-independent group reacted more closely to words related to mobile phone after stress induction, and compared with the non-dependent group, they had stronger desire for mobile phones, but sometimes , Blocked the use of cell phone jammer for different two groups, but the results were different.

The re-screening rate of college students who rely on mobile phones is 11.57%. The third study found that in people who rely on mobile phones, there is a trade-off between inhibition and negative emotions. In a state of high-loss inhibition and control, the cell phone dependence group judged neutral stimuli as sad emotions. This number is significantly higher than the non-dependent group. Compared with the non-dependent group, the undergraduates in the mobile phone dependent group have poorer inhibition control performance under the trigger of grief, but they are still a bit dissatisfied with the resistance of the scrambler cell phone.

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