Scrambler For Phone

According to a survey conducted by Credoc in 2015, 80% of teenagers in France are equipped with smartphones, compared with 20% in 2011. The overall situation is that since the fourth grade of elementary school, many students have begun to use mobile phones. This is what children can learn from parents of their age. Parents believe that they can use mobile phones anytime and anywhere to feel more comfortable. At the same time, mobile phones are for teenagers to learn. , Thinking and analyzing, and even the impact of interference, are issues of concern to the education sector, but the recent presence of mobile cell phone jammer has caused many students to feel a headache.

The adolescents who participated in the study underwent standardized tests to see if they were addicted to the Internet and smartphones. Participants of smartphone addiction admitted that the use of the Internet and smartphones interferes with their daily, social, sleep, and work-learning skills. The scores of adolescents on depression, anxiety, insomnia and impulsivity were also significantly higher than those of the control group (the scores did not show Internet addiction). The good news is that after receiving cognitive behavioral therapy, the proportion of brain chemicals in mobile phone addicts can return to near normal levels. As long as a portable mobile scrambler for phone is used to shield the network around him, he will slowly return to normal. .

"The smartphone is like a virtual doll or lover, which can make you feel miserable and abandoned," said Laurent Carrilla, a medical expert and spokesperson for the Drug Rehabilitation Association. This feeling is similar to that of an addict, and the fear of being separated from the phone is a very real emotion. But internationally, "mobile phone addiction" has not yet been recognized as a disease. On the contrary, gambling addiction has been classified as a mental illness, so the use of scrambler for phone is urgent.

JAX-101C-8 Adjustable Mobile Cell Phone Jammer 8 Antennas 3G 4G Phone Signal Blocker With 2.4G GPS

Cell Phone Interceptor Software
The latest mobile phone jammer with 8 frequency bands and GPS 5G WIFI VHF UHF 4G LOJACK 8 antenna (Europe) with 8 transmitters. Each of them can work on your antenna and can create a range of up to 40 meters on all mobile devices, becoming a "forbidden zone". In this area, they will not be able to send messages and answer calls, they will lose the ability to access the Internet, and GPS positioning will stop. Therefore, the suppressor can ensure the privacy of your meetings and negotiations, scientific meetings, seminars, etc. Most importantly, it can interfere with 5G signals, and it is a real 5G jammer.