3G Cell Phone Jammer

Mobile phone signal jammers are also known as mobile communication jammers, mobile phone signal isolators, conference security devices, etc. The signal jammer transmits a strong signal that is consistent with the frequency of the mobile phone's downlink frequency band, and is tuned with the signal sent by the base station to the mobile phone, so that the base station can send it to the mobile phone. The downlink signal is deformed and cannot be recognized by the mobile phone, which interrupts the connection between the mobile phone and the base station. Simply put, its main function is to make the phone unable to use normally. Its essence is to implement electromagnetic interference to the wireless network on which mobile phone communication depends, making the mobile phone unable to access the network, and thus unable to receive information from the mobile network, and unable to send out information through the network. With the promotion of 3G Cell Phone Jammer , it also brought some adverse effects, cell phone jammer The wide range of use will interfere with the normal use of the surrounding residents, resulting in the residents using mobile phones without signal. If the shielding range is shortened, there will be a large number of blind spots and blind areas. The shielding edge distance is also difficult to control, and the long-term coverage is wide and the Power is also It will be large, and the radiation produced will also affect the human body. Therefore, measuring the quality of a mobile phone signal jammer not only depends on the effective shielding degree of the mobile phone communication signal, but also considers whether the radiation pollution produced by it meets the national electromagnetic Radiation protection standards.

The components of a signal jammer generally include: a host, an antenna, and a Power adapter. When installing a mobile phone jammer, because there is a strong signal magnetic field (usually 20-30 cm) between the host and the antenna, and there is also a magnetic field disturbance around the 220V Power line (strong current) (usually 5-10 cm), so , How to place the device orientation of each component is very critical. If the placement orientation is not correct, it is very likely that the transmission of the shielding signal will be disturbed and the shielding effect will be affected. 3G Cell Phone Jammer The standard device spacing of each component is: the Power adapter should be more than 20cm away from the host; (If the signal jammer is installed, due to the limitation of the site installation environment, the Power supply cannot be far away, and the Power adapter can be placed on the mobile phone to interfere Below the host computer, after choosing this method, the Power adapter will still be disturbed by the strong magnetic field from the mobile phone jammer host, but compared to placing the Power adapter close to both sides of the host, the interference will be less .) There are no strong electric lines (AC220V) within 20cm around the antenna; (including the strong electric dark wires embedded in the left and right sides of the antenna, above the antenna, and the wall where the antenna is located. If it cannot be prevented, please try not to stay within 10cm of the antenna)