Public networks are more controversial in real society

Today's high-speed communication is mainly quite fast, even in a separate house, it seems that radio waves can reach every room. Therefore, I think radio waves will also be strongly propagated, but what is the actual situation? I have this question: Can the Wi-Fi radio waves originating from the same apartment be avoided or blocked?

Nowadays, electronic products such as WIFI that require electromagnetic waves have been widely used in our daily lives. Not only in big cities, but also in rural areas, it is an essential element in life. However, many people are allergic to electromagnetic waves. This type of person feels head and chest tightness when going to convenience stores or restaurants with free Wi-Fi locations. Facts have proved that most residents of the apartment have installed Wi-Fi equipment. I can understand that few people in modern society do not use Wi-Fi.

How it works When radio waves collide with each other, the radio waves interfere with each other, causing unstable communication and reducing speed. Therefore, when using 2.4GHz wireless LAN, using a microwave oven nearby may cause communication interruption. In an office, wireless LAN communication becomes unstable in many cases due to a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Scan radar waves for 1 minute or more, and if detected, communication may be interrupted, such as prohibiting access for a period of time after changing the channel. The 5 GHz frequency band may be disadvantageous in environments that interfere with radars, such as near airports where weather radars and aircraft radars covering all of Japan are flying.

About the bluetooth jammers application Wireless network is widely used because of its convenience and effectiveness, but we don't need a wireless network and don't use any tools when we need to turn off the wireless network. do you want it?

It is much smaller than other jammers in the same frequency band. The annoying 2G/GPS signal around the jammer will be out of service. It is also designed to be installed on a car. The product is equipped with a convenient car Power supply. Many students are secretly playing mobile phones during class. The problem becomes more and more serious. We provide low price and high quality products. This is an excellent small cell phone jammer that can eliminate annoying cell phone signals in the service area. It is also suitable for cheap telephone jammers in automobiles.

We can meet the various needs of customers. There are Power adjustable machines. Depends on the signal strength of the designated area. It is designed to interfere with multiple signals at the same time. Some people worry about having a GPS device. Use a device called a GPS jammer. Interfere with GPS signals. You can protect yourself. You don't have to worry about breaking the silence or affecting precision equipment. Block the reception of telephone radio signals. Bring a lot of convenience.