The jammer cuts you from the virtual world

There are various mobile jammers. Used in many places. Here, we will describe jamming devices suitable for schools. This device is very popular in schools. There are good reasons. In the classroom, I heard news that the teacher forcibly cut off students’ mobile phone communications. I only use this device during class. I used a phone cell phone blocker in class for educational purposes. Some students are secretly using mobile phones. Note that some students are using mobile phones.

I want to avoid Wi-Fi and enjoy life, but in today's society, is it difficult? Despite the provisions of the Radio Law, it cannot emit strong radio waves like overseas routers, but it seems that some products can be used in three-story houses by generating the maximum Power allowed in the regulations.

Of course, this seems difficult. In the United States, the use of radio wave-emitting devices, such as mobile phones and routers, is prohibited in certain cities, where people who are allergic to electromagnetic waves are said to gather there. It may be necessary to establish cities in cities where the use of radio waves is prohibited. Or why not buy and build something like a soundproof box, and paste materials that block electromagnetic waves inside or outside the box?

By the way, electromagnetic waves have an "ionization effect" that can generate positive and negative charges on the material it strikes. Therefore, the radio can listen to music, and the TV antenna will generate electricity, and through amplification, you can watch news and dramas on the LCD screen.

It is used in various industries, such as conference rooms, libraries, automobiles, restaurants, etc. Some people worry that using a mobile phone may break the silence or affect sophisticated equipment. You can protect family and friends. Some devices will not only interfere with telephone signals, but also GPS signals. Keep a quiet life. Protect our privacy. GPS jammers are a way to keep a good life on the phone.

Even so, in addition to this special environment, the 5GHz band has less interference to other communication devices, and it can be said that it is excellent in terms of high speed and stability. Devices using such jammers are still in use and can effectively interfere with wireless devices. If the wireless LAN environment is unstable to your life, it may cause radio wave interference. check it out.