Excessive use of mobile phones is also a bad influence

The number of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. Using mobile phones is a problem. Devices that interfere with the radio waves of commercially available mobile phones are installed in many places. The ringing of mobile phones in the cinema made me feel uncomfortable. Interference equipment that suppresses harmful signals emits interfering radio waves in the same frequency band used by mobile phones and PHS. It will worsen the radio wave condition. Smart phones are very useful because they can do many different things. Personal privacy may have been leaked. A mobile phone jammer that can easily surf the Internet.

At the same time, the popularity of mobile phones will make many students lose self-control and reduce the concentration of all students. The students ignored the teacher's speech. Many teachers try to stop sending messages during class. It has no effect at all. Therefore, please use equipment that can interfere with telephone signals. Taking into account the result of this situation, a
cell phone blocker
device was used. This product has a function to block calls. There is an exercise to help students concentrate.

According to recent reports, I have heard cases of cheating on mobile phones during exams in many schools. It has attracted a lot of attention. Need to submit policy. In order to prevent exam fraud, we will install a phone blocker at the school's exam site. Prevent cell phone communication. Stop the service of the student’s mobile phone. No complicated operations. The jammer can maintain the fairness of the test. The purpose is to verify the effectiveness of anti-fraud measures and their impact outside the classroom. It directly interferes with mobile phone communication.

The working principle of the jammer is similar to the transmission of electrical signals by human nerves. Allergies such as wheat allergy and egg allergy may also be caused by the detection of electrical signals generated by the detection of these substances through nerves to the brain. The brain of ordinary people may ignore electrical signals, but the brain of an allergic person may be very sensitive and may even die. Similarly, I think that the nerves or brains of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity are more sensitive to WiFi radio waves than normal people. In particular, the electromagnetic waves of WiFi and microwave ovens are in the same frequency band, so I think it is more likely to affect the human body than radio waves of radio and television.

In this case, the radio wave jammer jammer becomes a savior, blocking electromagnetic waves from electronic products such as mobile phones and wireless local area networks within a certain range, and is not affected. We have a variety of portable jammers that you can carry with you, start them when conditions permit, and will not be impacted.