Phone Scrambler

The interaction between inhibitory control and emotions of mobile phone-dependent and non-dependent college students. Study 4 conducted three tracking intervention studies on college students who rely on mobile phones, remembering the use of cell phone jammer to prevent excessive dependence on mobile phones, and analyzed the short-term and long-term effects of these three intervention plans on mobile phone dependence interventions. And compared with the non-intervention group.

In the pre-research analysis, the screening rate of mobile phone-related college students was 12.59%. In interviews with the surveyed college students who rely on mobile phones, they found that excessive use of mobile phones has brought them some negative consequences, including a decline in suppressive control and an increase in negative emotions. Study a pair of mobile phones that rely on college students’ inhibition and control capabilities. College students relying on mobile phones and non-reliant college students complete the digital Stroop task under three conditions: no interference, mobile phone vibration ring interference, and purity. Tonal interference. Compare the results with no interference and pure tone interference.

Under the interference of mobile phone vibration and ringtones, college students who rely on mobile phones have poor suppression control performance. Compared with non-dependent people, college students who rely on mobile phones will have an increased sense of desire for mobile phones after completing the suppression control task under the interference of mobile phone vibration and ringtones. Their suppression control ability is negatively correlated with mobile phones, but there is a data that still makes people Happily, the use time of the mobile phone scrambler is inversely proportional to the time the school uses the mobile phone, which shows that the mobile phone scrambler has a very good effect on the control of students' mobile phones.

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