What Is A Cell Phone Scrambler

There are many mobile phone jammers and general mobile phone jammers, including the smallest what is a cell phone scrambler in the world. The cell phone jammer is also hidden in the picture. The function of this Powerful GPS, mobile phone and 3G signal jammer is: it is very Powerful, has multiple antennas, and can provide a real working radius of 20 meters. This Power mobile phone jammer, cellular and 3G signal what is a cell phone scrambler are compact and easy to carry, and can block mobile phone signals, 3G signals and mobile phones (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS). The interference radius is 20 meters, and the blocked area is about four times the area of ​​other mobile phone jammers posted on jammer-shop.com. Power GPS, mobile phones and 3G mobile what is a cell phone scrambler have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for Power supply. It is equipped with an AC adapter and a car charger, each of which can be used for charging. It also comes with a leather case and a strap.

A person’s right to privacy may be violated. I use mobile phones, smart phones and iPhones in my daily life. An important advantage of mobile what is a cell phone scrambler is that they can be carried anywhere without interference. You can block wireless Internet and Bluetooth signals. Disable wireless video transmission to protect your privacy and protect you from video surveillance. It is very effective for mobile phones, WiFi data transmission and preventing Bluetooth signals. Very suitable for classrooms, trains, cafes and other small spaces. After turning on this mobile phone jammer, all mobile phones within the electromagnetic wave protection range of the smartphone will be blocked within 2-5 seconds. Compared with traditional equipment, it has advanced functions and specifications. When leaving the range of the mobile phone jammer, the mobile phone will restore full signal within a few seconds.