Phone Voice Scrambler

You can use this cell phone jammer to protect your private location. It is forbidden to send messages within the scope of this operation. You can prevent noise. Talking on a mobile phone on the train can prevent violations of etiquette. We are cracking down on people who misbehave. It can be said that this leads to public welfare. If you want to use a mobile phone voice scrambler, you need to obtain a radio station license under certain conditions.

Except it. Now, the use of mobile phones in classrooms is very common, and students believe that they have the right to use mobile phones during class. Instead of listening to instructions, they send text messages, listen to music on their phones, watch videos and movies, so they have to repeat these instructions over and over again. Some students made voice calls or made phone calls during class. In this case, you need to use a mobile phone voice scrambler.

It poses a security threat in military sites. Advanced security facilities use saboteurs to perform sabotage to prevent unauthorized communications. We are taking measures to prevent GPS reception. Strong interfering radio waves appear in the same frequency range. We recommend that you ensure a way to improve security. Promote the management of information technology in various applications. The main purpose of information security is to prevent violations of confidentiality. It is WiFi radio wave shielding.