Signs Of A Cell Phone Jammer

The 5g era is coming, but sometimes these signals need to be blocked, such as the annual college entrance examination. For the college entrance examination in 2021, the shielded signal interval must contain 5g. Ok Signs Of A Cell Phone Jammer It can be done. We have professional personnel, factories, and researched new mobile phone jammers that can shield 5g signals. By generating a broadband comb-spectrum interference signal waveform in the baseband, the frequency or channel of the interfering target signal can be targeted and interfered, and all target signals can be continuously interfered for a full period of time. Compared with the noise interference and frequency sweep interference commonly used by existing domestic interference equipment, the outstanding advantages are: cell phone jammer There will be no leakage interference that is difficult to overcome by sweeping interference, and there is no problem of low interference efficiency that is difficult to solve by noise interference.

Current schools generally install air conditioners. When the weather is too hot, the school will turn on the air conditioners or fans to ensure the safety of candidates. At this time, the temperature of Signs Of A Cell Phone Jammer will also drop. In fact, this thing is just like a mobile phone. In summer, it will be hot as long as it is turned on. But it will not damage the machine. Especially with better quality machines, don't worry. For example, their company's products basically have fans. And even if it gets hot, their products can continue to maintain quality. It will not cause trouble to customers and schools. Therefore, in choosing a mobile phone jammer, it is better to choose a more reliable company. After all, the quality of a company's products affects the entire school, and even the discipline of the entire examination room will be affected. If you want to maintain the order of the examination room, it is best to choose a reliable company with good service.