Applications Of Cell Phone Blocker

According to relevant industry insiders, the new BQX-6 radar-shaped 3G Applications Of Cell Phone Blocker can effectively shield 3G mobile phone signals in 3 frequency bands, and will not interfere with the mobile phones of "innocent" people; the built-in antenna does not require additional wiring and is easy to use; cell phone jammer can also be used in relatively Used in several remote classrooms. Civil servants, as special positions in society, should set an example in the construction of the integrity system. Ensuring the fairness and impartiality of examinations will play a strong role in promoting the construction of civil servants and the social credit system.

Installing Applications Of Cell Phone Blocker in the examination room has become an essential anti-cheating weapon for civil service examinations. It is a sharp tool to maintain the seriousness of the examination room and ensure the fairness and authority of the civil service examination. In some places where mobile phone jammers need to be used, it is inconvenient to access the power supply and needs to be used on the move, especially in the case of some emergency and anti-riot tasks, it is more necessary to use mobile, high-power, self-powered mobile. Phone signal jammer. We adopt foreign advanced technology, aiming at the continuous development of communication standards,