Build Your Own Power Cell Phone Jammer

The state believes that the production and use of Build Your Own Power Cell Phone Jammer have become more common, and the state party and government departments and security departments have installed and used mobile phone jammers in important meetings and safe places. There are more than 100 general college entrance examination questions in the country every year. There are dozens of people printing the college entrance examination papers in our province every year, and mobile phones must be blocked throughout the whole process, which lasts as long as one month. therefore, cell phone jammer The production and use did not meet the legal red light.

This year's college entrance examination examination room in our province is equipped with mobile phone jammers in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the provincial recruitment committee's decision to prevent candidates from using mobile phones to cheat and make the college entrance examination more fair and just. The procurement of our province Build Your Own Power Cell Phone Jammer was reviewed by the Government Procurement Office, entrusted Sinochem International Tendering Company to organize a national public bidding, and organized a bid evaluation expert group to select 4 manufacturers from 27 bidders for the quality, performance and price of the products Same, reliable quality. Therefore, the deployment of mobile phone jammers is in line with relevant national regulations from decision-making to implementation.