Purpose Of Cell Phone Jammer

Recently, Purpose Of Cell Phone Jammer placed on the bus has been popular in the United States. The reason is probably that those passengers who love to make phone calls on the bus have seriously affected others, so some people have come up with a way to block cell phone signals. In fact, it is also very common in China to make phone calls in public places to disturb people. Some people live in the suburbs of Beijing, more than ten kilometers away from their units. They mainly take the 938 No. 7 bus, which is famous for being crowded and famous for frequent traffic jams, and spend nearly 3 hours on the road every day. , I have seen many scenes of loudly "calling calls" in densely populated areas under the large crowds of the hall. There are couples who quarrel, some are boring and reminiscences, and there are business contacts. People like this usually start a fight when they get in the car, leaving others alone. The most terrible encounter is some old men who drag the authentic Hong Kong-flavored Mandarin to fall in love. , I got goose bumps all over the place, and there were so many people in the car that it was so stuffy that you really wanted to open the window and jump on the spot. cell phone jammer Not only that, people can always be heard yelling into the phone in public places such as stations, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc. In fact, the external interference is already loud, and if the sound is low, it is forgiving that the other party will not hear it. However, you can find a convenient time and a secret place to continue the call. You don't need to make the originally noisy environment more chaotic and let the passengers travelling along. Tortured by noise. I have read an article about the differences in telephone habits between China and Japan. It is mentioned that the Chinese people like all kinds of ring tones very much. It is fashionable to constantly refurbish the ringtones, and even use the ringing to make a difference. A ringtone is for fear that others will not be able to hear it, and they never know the use of vibration. In Japan, you can hardly hear the phone ringing. No matter whether it is in public or during commuting hours, everyone actively adjusts the phone to vibrate. The difference in the use of mobile phones makes many people who have first arrived in Japan and Japanese people who have just arrived in China very uncomfortable. Regardless of other things, the Japanese are better than the Chinese in terms of civilized use of mobile phones. Foreign is used in China, which involves a new term "mobile civilization".

In China, the mobile phone has developed very rapidly from the first big brother to the high-end with tens of thousands now, and it is only a matter of a few years. Mobile phone civilization, and the use of mobile phones in a civilized manner is still a new topic, and there is still plenty to do. America Purpose Of Cell Phone Jammer The situation of hot sales is actually not so smart. The mobile phone jammers have filtered all the signals. If there is an emergency, it will definitely cause inconvenience to the parties, and even regrets or huge losses are possible. This also shows Even in developed countries, how to civilize the use of mobile phones is an area that needs to be improved. After all, the one-size-fits-all approach is somewhat reckless. Let's not comment on the helplessness of Lao Mei, at least we should examine ourselves more, are we not forgetting to apply the civilized virtues passed down from our ancestors while enjoying modern technological civilization?