Can You Buy A Cell Phone Jammer In The Us

Continuing from last year, this year Can You Buy A Cell Phone Jammer In The Us , which has a signal interference function, was installed in many examination rooms by local examination management agencies as a technical means to prevent college entrance examination candidates from cheating. However, on May 24, an article "The founder of mobile phone jammers said that mobile phone jammers are harmful to people" was widely reprinted by the media. cell phone jammer Suddenly jump to people's eyes, let the mobile phone jammer be known to people, and at the same time its appearance makes children feel painful.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education formally stated yesterday that this statement lacks scientific evidence. After their investigation, the Tsinghua expert who made this statement in the media was not an employee of Tsinghua University. The Ministry of Education also stated that although the Ministry of Education does not require the use of Can You Buy A Cell Phone Jammer In The Us in the examination room, cell phone jammers are currently the best way to effectively prevent large-scale cheating. It has previously issued a requirement on the safety of using mobile phone signal jammers in schools. There will be another guidance on the use of this instrument.