Detect A Cell Phone Jammer

If the human body is damaged by microwave radiation of a certain Power in a short period of time, it can basically be recovered. Tang Tai believes, "However, if the Power of the microwave is too high or the time of receiving the radiation is too long, it will be very dangerous. For example, he said that if a certain radiation unit is reached, the relatively fragile organs of the human body, such as the eyes, pituitary gland, and male reproductive organs, will be harmed. The most serious is that this kind of damage is basically irrecoverable and belongs to permanent damage. Wireless communication must ensure sufficient carrier-to-interference ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) in order to receive effectively and complete communication. Mobile communication Detect A Cell Phone Jammer is to destroy the receiving conditions of the mobile phone and cut off the communication connection between the mobile phone and the base station by generating interference signals with the same frequency as the mobile phone receiving. cell phone jammer Achieve the effect of shielding communication.

The interference Power is constant, and the shielding radius of the unblocked space is determined by the path attenuation and the signal level of the receiving base station. The table below shows the comparison table of distance and path attenuation. Then Detect A Cell Phone Jammer output channel Power , base station signal level, and coverage line gain can determine the coverage radius. "Although it is difficult for a mobile phone jammer to cause such permanent damage, it does affect the human body, especially the brain, and poor test results may leave candidates with lifelong regrets. This is obviously unfair," the person concerned said.