Cell Phone Blocker Project

From November 12th to 14th, administrative law enforcement technicians from non-regulatory institutions and mobile company staff rushed to the main urban area of ​​Dazhou City, Kaijiang County, and Wanyuan City to carry out monitoring and interference sites. Quickly lock in the private mobile phone signal amplifier and Cell Phone Blocker Project in Nancheng Julong Hotel, Wanyuan Middle School and other places. The administrative law enforcement officers issued a "Notice of Ordering Rectification" to the persons involved on the spot, informing them of the dangers of privately installing mobile phone signal amplifiers and mobile phone jammers and their legal responsibilities. The relevant person in charge of the city's non-regulatory agency told reporters that some schools opened cell phone jammer for exams, but did not close in time, resulting in the blocking of signals in nearby communities.

In order to standardize the management, in March this year, the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Regulating the Management of Cell Phone Signal Jammers". According to the regulations, in principle, the use of mobile phone jammers is not allowed in school self-organized examinations. If it is really necessary to use it, it should be reported to the Radio Management Bureau of the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology for approval, and the time, place and person in charge of the use should be negotiated 3 days before the test. as a record. At present, there are many brands on the market, but they are basically divided into two categories: engineering machines and ordinary machines. As the name suggests, engineering machines are generally used for high-demand and high-standard projects, and their characteristics require stable performance, work matching according to the on-site radio environment, and 24-hour uninterrupted operation. A regular telephone is a device that is generally used temporarily for a short period of time. Their performance is unknown, they may affect the signal of other people using the phone, or they may block areas you want to block but can't do it effectively.