Cell Phone Gps Blocker Blocker

There was an uproar for a while. We all know that the inspection work before entering the examination room for the college entrance examination is very strict. This made many people wonder, how did candidates bring their mobile phones into the examination room? The Ministry of Education announced today (9th): After investigation, candidates hid their mobile phones in a thin cloth on their hands when entering the examination room security check, raised their hands to avoid the security check, and brought their mobile phones into the examination room. Illegal exam room. There is another question, there is a Cell Phone Gps Blocker Blocker in the college entrance examination room. Even if the phone is brought in, it cannot be used. So why does the candidate's phone work? Recently, the local education bureau responded that it may be caused by cell phone jammer inability to block 5G signals!

5G is a new network standard introduced in recent years. Some new radio frequency bands are used. Many old cell phone signal blockers do not support blocking 5G signals. I have to say, this is really a big bug. Happened to be discovered by these liars. Fortunately, it was discovered in time, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Most people use their phones everywhere, whether it's in theaters, educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, offices, or anywhere else. People today spend most of their time on their phones instead of having fun with their families or focusing on organizational goals. Your phone can help you in many ways, but it also takes a lot of lives out of it. That's where the mobile network Cell Phone Gps Blocker Blocker comes in. A cell phone jammer is the act of interfering with something. Therefore, cell phone jammers are designed to block network signals from reaching your phone, denying access to the internet and sending text messages or phone calls.