Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Simulation

If I am in a meeting or exiting, I suddenly hear a strange sound! I yelled "Piriri, Piriri, Piriri". During a performance or concert, someone’s smartphone rang suddenly and the air freezes. GPS nuisance machine accidents that have happened occasionally have worn out by this time. Many people think that this is why the "please turn off the smartphone" appeared before the start. The radiation propagation form of road electromagnetic wave is based on the medium and the law of electromagnetic field, Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Simulation the disturbance energy released to the surrounding space is transmitted along the transmission line. There is another one, but maybe this is the reason why the theater has installed a "cell phone jammer". Mobile phones are very convenient because you can answer calls anytime, anywhere. It is connected even if you wish it was not connected by accident. With the popularity of mobile phones, cell phone jammer The self-promotion voyeur detector is called a device.

Recently, I heard a communication pronoun called 5g. Mobile phone jammers need to shield 5g signals. Very useful for security and confidentiality. The product quality requirements are very strict. Meet the current domestic high-tech technical requirements. The product has a good shielding effect. You can use some complicated situations. Will not affect surrounding residents. You can increase customer satisfaction. The normal operation of the product requires technical support. Due to the development of communication technology, the function of this product is changing. It is necessary to study new communication technologies and market benefits to improve product quality and applications. Meet various blocking requirements. Update product performance. According to customer requirements, we will implement a more complete Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Simulation signal shielding product.