Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Using Ic 555

In addition to causing adverse reactions to the human body, Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Using Ic 555 entering the examination room is also considered by many people to "broke the law." The reporter read in the "Notice on Prohibition of Illegal Development, Production and Use of Radio Interference Equipment" issued by the Ministry of Information Industry in 2001: "Users who use mobile phone jammers without authorization shall be punished by law for setting up stations and interfering with radio services without authorization. "Introduced by the relevant person in charge of the Communication Center of the Institute of Telecommunications Research of the Ministry of Information Industry, "If it is a special situation, the unit or individual who wants to buy and use a mobile phone jammer must submit a written application to the local radio management department. The installation can be performed after review and approval. use. cell phone jammer As for the interpretation of extremely special circumstances", the person in charge believes that it mainly involves "military and national security", and "examination rooms, cinemas, hospitals", etc. are not among the "special" categories. "If the examination management agency does not go through any procedures to buy If it is used, it is definitely illegal. "

However, it is an indisputable fact that examination management agencies in many places purchase Cell Phone Jammer Circuit Using Ic 555 on their own. Why do supervisory agencies "open one eye and close one eye"? Some people attribute the reason to "the college entrance examination is too big!" It is not only the responsibility of the education department to ensure that the examination questions are top secret and that there is no cheating in the examination room. Sorry. In view of the conflict with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Information Industry, the issue of whether to install a mobile phone signal jammer in the college entrance examination examination room of Guangdong Province this year is still under study. Among them, the Guangzhou Admissions Office has made it clear that Guangzhou will not use electromagnetic wave shielding devices in the college entrance examination examination room this year.