Cell Phone Jammer Electronic Hub

The school installed mobile Cell Phone Jammer Electronic Hub in the dormitory. This is an act of internal control, which is good. Most mobile phones nowadays are smart phones. Many students stay up all night and play with mobile phones. The spirit of the course on the second day was very poor, which affected learning. After installing the mobile phone signal jammer, the students will not stay up late, and the spirit of the next day will be improved. Currently, almost every student in school has his own mobile phone. To make matters worse, mobile phones have become the "weapon" of many students' teachers. The conversation found that most students use mobile phones to surf the Internet. Many students tend to listen to music and play video games in class. Usually, when talking in the classroom, the phone rings suddenly, which is distracting. To make matters worse, some students use mobile phones to help cheat on exams. According to reports, a new phenomenon of "cyber bullying" refers to students using text messages and social networks to torture others electronically during class. cell phone jammer

If you are like me, you are enjoying a good movie experience and you can pay high-priced tickets and popcorn. I am not very grateful to other fans for using their smartphones throughout the show. Even the darkest screen can illuminate the entire corridor and interfere with the viewing experience of many people. I know this is indeed an emergency situation, but the fact that her small screen lights up every 30 seconds, which means that my own experience and SMS conversations with people who are not very interested in movies are pending. Show that it is done. If you cannot safely and legally use your mobile Cell Phone Jammer Electronic Hub device while driving (I sincerely agree), it seems to me that you can reasonably argue that the use of mobile devices in movie theaters is also prohibited. This is not a theater safety issue, but paying customers should have a major impact on the distraction strategy of the equipment used in the theater.