Cell Phone Jammer Farm Attack

Nevertheless, in the view of formal enterprises, the market is still full of substandard products, which not only harm human health, but also impact the normal order of the market. It is reported that Cell Phone Jammer Farm Attack can be classified as a type of "radio equipment". It is subject to the "Administrative Regulations on the Production of Radio Transmission Equipment" promulgated in 1997 and implemented in 1999 and the "Regarding Prohibition of Illegal Development and Production" issued by the Ministry of Information Industry in 2001. And the use of radio interference equipment. According to regulations, you must go to the radio management agency above the province to go through the relevant procedures and get the "Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate"; for special circumstances, you must also submit a written application to the local radio management department, and the installation can only be done after approval. use. However, there are not many such companies that fully understand the above two rules, and even some companies interviewed by the reporter complained very aggrievedly that "there is no corresponding management department." A Shenzhen business owner who did not want to be named told reporters, cell phone jammer Among the companies, there are not many companies that have actually obtained the “birth permit”. Among the companies he knows about, only 4-5 have "birth permits." "But a search on the Internet will find the names of hundreds or thousands of manufacturers. These are either OEMs for others or illegal small workshops." The person worried that most of the small workshop production exists. Product hidden dangers, such as the pursuit of a large coverage area and secretly increasing the transmission Power of the instrument, resulting in excessive radiation field strength.

The boss of a OEM company in Jiangsu told reporters in private: "To be honest, we know that the purchase and sale of this instrument requires approval, but now the competition is so fierce, as long as a customer places an order, whether he is approved for installation or not, we They will be sold to him.” In addition to the confidential department, the boss’s client list also includes some small and medium-sized enterprises. "They will be installed in the company's conference room, and each time they are opened for about 1-2 hours, they are not used for a long time." In fact, illegal trading Cell Phone Jammer Farm Attack, which is already an open secret in the industry, is tacitly understood by each other. This provides opportunities for illegal producers. The Shenzhen business owner said angrily that small workshops and illegal transactions flooded the market, disrupting the normal distribution order. The original distribution chain of manufacturers-agents-distributors-customers has now been interrupted by some consignors. Merchants generally do not have the goods themselves, but once they get customers, they will go to the small workshop to pick up the goods, and then share it with the small workshop. "In order to grab customers, consignors usually push down their prices desperately, even lower than the production cost of regular manufacturers." It is reported that mobile jammers were sold for 800 yuan per unit last year, and the current price has shrunk by more than half, to only 300-400. Yuan/Taiwan, regular manufacturers complain repeatedly.