Cell Phone Jammer For Vehicles

If you are participating in an emergency meeting and do not want to add unnecessary calls or messages during an important meeting, you can take advantage of the signal interference technology of your mobile phone. Using 3G / 4G Cell Phone Jammer For Vehicles , this technology allows people to avoid calling and texting without turning off their phones. After enabling this technology, the signal from the base station will be directly shielded, and you will not be able to communicate with others through your mobile phone. In addition to the signal attenuation that affects the radio signal perception of the jammer, interference and noise also have a certain impact. Signal-to-noise ratio or signal-to-interference-to-noise ratio is usually used to measure the influence of interference and noise on wireless signals. The signal-to-noise ratio and the signal-to-noise ratio are key technical indicators to measure the reliability of the communication quality of the communication system. The larger the ratio, the better. cell phone jammer

Interference refers to the interference caused by the system itself and various systems, such as frequency interference and multipath interference. Noise is an irregular extra signal that does not exist in the original signal generated after passing through the device. The signal is related to the environment and will not change with the change of the original signal. Millions of state governments, public security agencies, entertainment facilities, hospitals, airports, stations, bus stations, etc. are all 3G/4G Cell Phone Jammer For Vehicles very promising markets. Now the major types of exams in the country: take their own exams, national exams, civil service exams, etc. like adults, prevent students from using high technology, and use jammers to release the students' advanced skills in the exam room and continue to signal interference can make the exam more fair and just.