Cell Phone Jammer In Prison

In recent years, in order to ensure the fairness and justice of examinations, Cell Phone Jammer In Prison and metal detectors have been widely used in various large-scale examinations, and the college entrance examination is no exception. Most people think that mobile phone jammers combined with metal detectors undoubtedly provide double insurance for the safety of the test environment. However, an unexpected experience in the work of proctoring the college entrance examination this year made the author feel that the scientific and reasonable use of mobile phone jammers and detectors is an important prerequisite for exam safety, otherwise it will bring unexpected consequences. cell phone jammer The accidental experience is reproduced. This accidental experience appeared in the conduct of prohibited items on the candidates.

Cell Phone Jammer In Prison The damage caused by microwave radiation, some serious ones cannot be recovered at all. Speaking of the hazards of radiation, experts said: "Of course, this must consider the Power and distance of the radiation. The greater the Power , the greater the damage, and the longer the distance. The smaller." According to relevant sources, the human body generally has adverse reactions under high-intensity microwave irradiation, but the degree of reaction varies from person to person. The reactions that appear are also different, which can be roughly divided into the following situations: First, there is visual impairment, seeing a flash of light or small flashes, there are black spots in the field of vision, seeing things suddenly become larger or smaller, etc.; then, the brain, eyeballs, and face , Lips and limbs have slight acupuncture and numbness; secondly, thinking is confused, unable to concentrate thinking, fantasies, thinking disorder. In the most serious cases, syncope may occur.