Cell Phone Signal Jammer App Iphone

I wasted more than ten minutes on the road and the car was ramming and crashing. The school was close to my eyes, but I couldn't go there. I muttered in my heart: Humph, the cars that made me late, I really want to make them all disappear! In the blink of an eye, the car seemed to have evaporated, all disappeared! My heart is mad, do I have superPower s? "Yeah! Hurry across the road!" I tried to suckle and rushed towards the school. The people standing around me were shocked and their mouths couldn't close. Some people quickly took out their phones and clicked. , Filmed the whole process of running across the road and posted it to Moments, QQ, Weibo... Some people pointed at me: "Is she a lunatic, so many cars dare to run over!" I thought that all the cars were gone, but in fact it was all the Cell Phone Signal Jammer App Iphone in my brain to blame! cell phone jammer Although it doesn't sound very real, it does exist, and I really hope it can instantly calm me down.

I finally arrived at school, but I was still late, "Don't meet the teacher!" I hope the gods can help me again. "The classmates looked at me with joy, and I said to them proudly: "What do you look at!" The teacher didn't come again! "As I said it, I seemed to have hit something, but I couldn't see it, and I was not injured. A low roar came into my ears. "You're late!" Put your schoolbag and stand on the podium! "This is clearly the teacher's voice! Is it an illusion? "Haha! Long Xiaolie, don't pretend to be a teacher! I know it is you! "I was happy as if I had solved the case, but Long Xiaolie looked at me with a puzzled look. Perhaps Cell Phone Signal Jammer App Iphone felt too much, so temporarily canceled the shielding function. I saw a teacher suddenly popped out of my sight, and I was shocked. The leg weakened and fell to the ground. The teacher was angrily and rushed to me in full anger, "Copy me'I will not be late for school' 1000 times after class! ""what? ! "I felt "Yalishan is big". Suddenly, a voice came out in my brain: "This is a lesson for you. You can't count on other people in the future. You can only gain from your own efforts!" "