Cell Phone Jammer Teardown

The radiation will increase when the mobile phone is charging, and the radiation to the human body will be greater when making a phone call. In our life, our mobile phone is out of Power , but we are anxious to use it. Our method is generally to use it while flushing. Will increase. In addition, in thunderstorms, there may be dangers caused by lightning strikes. Cell Phone Jammer Teardown It can prevent us from using mobile phones excessively. Of course, it can also prevent children from playing mobile phones during thunderstorms. cell phone jammer At the same time, it has improved the way of communication between us.

We use a portable electromagnetic radiation detector to test the electromagnetic radiation intensity of different mobile phones in the charging and uncharging state. We found that the radiation value of the mobile phone during charging will change when different mobile phones are charged. Some It even increased dozens of times. In addition, we need to pay attention to that not only mobile phones have radiation, but also the electromagnetic waves generated by general household appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, etc. are low-frequency radiation. The electromagnetic waves generated by mobile phones and microwave ovens are much higher in frequency and belong to high-frequency radiation. Cell Phone Jammer Teardown All wireless signal appliances can be interrupted.