Cell Phone Jammer Using Arduino

In response to the issue of setting Cell Phone Jammer Using Arduino in the classroom, the person in charge stated to reporters that it is to strengthen student education and strengthen classroom discipline management. "We are strictly implementing the requirements of the document. According to the latest document notice issued by the Ministry of Education, we must strengthen classroom teaching management. , To rectify the order of education and teaching in an all-round way, strictly manage and grasp the order of teaching, and require strict management rules to be established, classroom teaching construction to be strengthened, and classroom teaching quality to be improved." At the same time, the person in charge of the school told reporters that the school encourages In information education, mobile phones are used in MOOC teaching (large-scale open online courses). "If there is no information requirement in class, we still encourage students to put their mobile phones in their mobile phone pockets and try to avoid using them. cell phone jammer

Just as in the case of trade secrets or someone’s privacy being stolen by others, this is indeed a risk and may have a great impact on them, so in this case help people solve problems and live a better life. Under the conditions, then use wireless audio Cell Phone Jammer Using Arduino designed to solve the problem is really very important and necessary. But nowadays, people rarely have a good understanding of wireless audio signal blockers. If they want to know more, just take a look at this "handheld design of wireless bug camera audio phone jammer" and take this as an example.