Cell Phone Jammers Can Solve Your Anger

In recent years, there have been some cases of schools that use mobile phone jammers to sound alarms when mobile phones are secretly brought in. In 2013, the school supervisory agency of the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education asked grammar schools to stop using such detectors because there was no legal basis. Whether such channels violate applicable laws depends on their technical design.

At least for mobile cell phone jammer (also called "jammers", which should actively prevent mobile phones from receiving signals), the requirements of the Telecommunications Law should be applied. Accordingly, the use of frequencies is only allowed if permitted by the Federal Network Administration or other regulations. If schools use such transmitters, they will at least be threatened with fines. If the devices allow location or other methods to collect personal data, they will also be a problem under data protection laws. Regardless of these issues and the technology used, it remains questionable whether the technical barriers are commensurate with the detectors and whether they are educationally reasonable.

Once, when I went to a concert, the woman sitting in the seat in front of me greatly exaggerated it. It's so annoying. The screen light on her oversized smartphone is so bright that it not only blinded my eyes, but also illuminated at least six lines behind us. She kept sending text messages, there must be hundreds of them. One of them is that she missed a man's voice at the concert. Hello there? Are you crazy? This is the way of all girl bands! I must buy a mobile jammer quickly now. They should be illegal, but it is worth it to me. Small devices (starting at $179 on the Internet) have a range of up to 5 meters and can paralyze any mobile phone. Exactly what i need.