Cell phone jammers need to be legalized

When you are reading a book you like, your phone rang in your ear, will you be happy? When you are out with your boyfriend in an elegant restaurant, the ringing of the phone suddenly annoys you. are you angry? We recognize that mobile phones have brought us a lot of convenience, but at the same time it has also brought us a lot of trouble. So, how can we change all the ways we use mobile phones and get rid of the problems that mobile phones bring to us? When we need a mobile phone to appear in time, when we don't need a mobile phone, you can be in a calm state. A cell phone jammer can help your device, it can block cell phone signals and block cell phone services.

For many reasons and for many reasons, I support the use of legalized control cell phone jammers in correctional institutions. The cell phone owned by the prisoner allows him to contact external partners at the crime scene to coordinate the evacuation plan, thereby posing a potentially fatal danger to the guards and the public around the institution. More often, the overwhelming majority of reports from correctional institutions indicate that hidden mobile phones have been used to harass crime victims, or that a prisoner repeatedly intimidated the victim to persuade the victim to withdraw the charge or change his mind.