Cell Phone Recording Jammer

Mobile phone signal jammers are widely used, and they often appear in schools and are used in daily teaching or large-scale examinations. Specifically, it is because many teachers are tired of trying to prevent students from sending messages, playing games, and surfing the Internet, because verbal blocking has no effect. Some students still use mobile phones secretly and ignore the lessons taught by the teacher. In the exam, in order to get a high score, I will try every means to get the answer. It used to be a slip of paper, but now a mobile phone can check it randomly, the same type or exactly the same question will appear on the page, and the correct answer will be given. The answer, this is a very bad phenomenon for students. Therefore, it is still necessary to apply Cell Phone Recording Jammer in schools, cell phone jammer At the very least, students can study well and use their own strength to take exams. Even if the results are not satisfactory, they are the truest self.

If the original stipulation that the failure-free service life is 1 year and the failure-free service reaches 3 years in actual use, the price/performance ratio has tripled. If the original stipulation that the failure-free service life is 1 year, it will often fail in less than half a year in actual use. Although it is a free warranty, the risk is immeasurable, personnel resources are wasted, and the corresponding price-performance ratio is greatly reduced. If external interference is not considered, it is relatively easy to simply shield, as long as the shielding Power is increased. But it is necessary to ensure that the shielding area has no blind areas and no leakage points. The Power intensity in the shielding area is relatively large. If there is a little leakage, the external interference will be great. This requires full consideration and technical control when designing Cell Phone Recording Jammer to achieve precise and efficient shielding without external interference. The cost should follow the shielding requirements and budget. You cannot blindly choose cheap products, and you cannot think that the expensive is good. In the actual choice, word-of-mouth is very important. It is also necessary to investigate the past cases on the spot, test the shielding effect, and then make the selection.