Cell Phone Wifi Blocker Buy

Afterwards, the reporter found a counter in SEG Digital Plaza and sold this "Cell Phone Wifi Blocker Buy" very grandly. Prices range from $100 to $500 depending on the shield. According to the little girl guarding the counter, they have set up the counter here for more than a month, and the business is not bad. This kind of cell phone jammer has been selling very well recently, and it can sell dozens of units a day. Pranksters also buy it to play..." The reporter also found a lot of information on the Internet about the sale of such "mobile phone signal jammers", most of which are advertisements by manufacturers and retailers. It is understood that Taobao has banned the sale. There is an introduction to the device on its official website, but on Alibaba, there are more than 3,500 listings that explicitly sell the device.

A Shenzhen-based manufacturer called Dezhen even produces a wall-mounted cell phone jammer that looks like a decorative painting on the wall. On the wall, but with an antenna and smart remote inside. switch. 2G3G4G adjustable mobile phone signal interference company, effectively shielding transmission, domestic mobile communication is a high-tech product developed in reality, our self-developed products, production, sales and imported components all use foreign advanced technology between microwave signal radios and mobile phones. This small Cell Phone Wifi Blocker Buy product adopts imported parts, mechanical patch welding technology, assembly line mass production, efficient and strict control, to ensure product quality, stable performance, and durability! There are a lot more.