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Under the guidance of the detection server, the mobile phone jammer in the examination room has the function of shielding any frequency point in the range of 40-4000MHz. Exam room Cell Phone Wifi Jammer Amazon Has upgrade and expansion functions. The mobile phone jammer in the examination room is composed of a host, a power cord and a network cable. The equipment is hung on the wall or used in a network at a corresponding location, and it can also be used in a portable way. When the mobile phone jammer is installed, connect the power and network cable (when the device is not used for networking, the network cable can be disconnected), turn on the power switch, and the work indicator on the mobile phone jammer is on to indicate normal operation. Integrated deployment instructions Each test site (area) deploys 1 detection server to ensure that the detection server is deployed in an open and unobstructed area to facilitate radio signal detection and acquisition. All detection servers can communicate with management services to transmit detection radio Signal. Each classroom is equipped with a mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room, and the wireless signal jammer in the examination room is connected to the Internet line through the IP network to the main control center. Mobile jammers also support independent work without detection server and management server. A management server is arranged in the main control room of the test center to manage all mobile phone jammer devices in the test center. cell phone jammer

The test center management platform deploys a set of wireless signal detectors for each test site, which can dynamically detect the 40MHz-3000MHz wireless signal around the test site, and grasp the wireless signal conditions around the test site before and during the test in real time (including normal signals and abnormal signals) , Cheating signals, etc.). In addition, the detection instrument can be linked with Cell Phone Wifi Jammer Amazon through the management platform. The detection instrument analyzes the captured suspicious signals and uploads the data to the management platform server. The management platform server receives the data from the detection instrument and generates instructions to transmit to the management platform server. Mobile phone jammers, mobile phone jammers can interfere in time. The detector has a remote networking function. Through analysis, it can grasp the distribution of cheating signals in various regions and the development of cheating methods in a timely manner, providing a basis for analyzing and fighting wireless cheating. Each test room deploys a wireless signal mobile phone jammer to seamlessly interfere with the signals in the 40MHz-4000MHz frequency range in the test room. The types of shielded signals include: GSM, CDMA, DCS, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, 5G and other mobile phone communications in all formats; wireless communications in the WIFI band, Bluetooth and 802.11 protocol clusters; walkie-talkies, radios, Stealth terminals are analog and digital communications for transmitting and receiving tools. The mobile phone jammer in the examination room adopts the indoor cellular layout method for networking and shielding. The mobile phone signal jammer is installed near the doors and windows in each examination room to ensure that the shielding signal in the examination room is effective, and the test taker's sitting area is fully covered, and it forms a network with other mobile phone jammers in the examination room.