Dave Chappelle Cell Phone Jammer

Nowadays, many schools are busy preparing for the examination room. This is because the most important exam of the year, the college entrance examination is about to come. In the face of this most important exam, many schools are actively preparing what they need to arrange the test room to ensure the normal order of the test room and meet the basic needs of the test room. Many of them are also responding to the increasingly rampant electronics Signal cheating means, I bought exam Dave Chappelle Cell Phone Jammer as a countermeasure, but its effective range is limited, so a new question arises, is it effective after being shielded through a wall? cell phone jammer

In fact, let’s analyze this problem in detail. First, we need to know what power this test Dave Chappelle Cell Phone Jammer is, because it has 12W, 16W and 18W. The effective range produced by different powers is different. If it is just If it is only low power, it is generally aimed at using in a small open area, which is just enough to meet the size of a classroom. However, if it is required to pass through a wall, there will be no shielding effect after actually passing through the wall, so if you choose a low-power test Don’t go through the wall as much as possible for mobile phone jammers. You can equip one for each teacher. If you choose a high-power one, you can use one machine to satisfy several classrooms. For the purchase of test signal jammers, we are a manufacturer with a first-class team to provide technical support and many years of experience in research and development of test mobile phone signal jammers. We have been highly praised by many customers who have cooperated with us. We are the test room to eliminate electronic cheating. Phenomenon, trustworthy.