Definition Of A Cell Phone Blocker

On the morning of July 1, a radio bureau received an application for interference investigation from the mobile company, saying that the LTE F-band base station near the cell was severely interfered with, and users complained that they could not access the Internet and the phone could not be connected. It was suspected that there was external interference and requested investigation. It turns out that Definition Of A Cell Phone Blocker is doing the trick. After receiving the complaint, a radio management bureau quickly organized administrative law enforcement and monitoring technicians to rush to the scene for investigation in accordance with the requirements of the emergency plan for interference investigation.

Under the guidance of the staff of the mobile company, the technicians used cell phone jammer to monitor the interference area of ​​the base station. After scanning and monitoring the mobile F frequency band on site, it was found that the noise floor has been significantly improved, and there is a strong interference signal. Direction positioning, and finally found that the source of interference comes from two sets of Definition Of A Cell Phone Blocker . The inspection found that the warehouse was used to park mortgaged vehicles, and the owner installed two mobile phone signal jammers without authorization in order to block the vehicle positioning signal. The technicians immediately turned off the mobile phone jammer, the interference disappeared, and the mobile communication returned to normal. The law enforcement officers took pictures and collected evidence at the scene and made a record of the on-site inspection. The illegal equipment was dismantled and a notice of advance evidence registration was issued. At present, the case is being further processed.