How to choose the right mobile phone jammer

In recent years, cheating on mobile phones has occurred in various national examinations, which has seriously affected the fairness and impartiality of examinations. For this reason, the state stipulates that mobile cell phone jammer should be equipped during major examinations to create a healthy and fair examination environment for candidates. Some students have trouble concentrating in school and focus on stealing their mobile phones, which has a lot of impact on academics and vision. Faced with the problems caused by mobile phones, we can use signal jammers to solve them.

However, there are many mobile phone signal shielding products on the market. How to choose a suitable mobile phone signal jammer? Scope of shielding The shielding scope of the site is proportional to the Power of the required equipment. If the area is small, use a low-Power signal jammer, such as the MDPB-02 of Shenzhou Mingda, with a shielding range of fifty or sixty square meters. Meters, if the room is not big, just use one 02. For mobile phone jammers that require a little bit more Power , you can choose MDPB-8Q, and the shielding distance can reach more than one hundred square meters. The mobile phone jammer is plugged in and plug-and-play is very convenient.

Frequency band to be shielded

Before buying, you need to know what signals the third party or yourself must block. Ordinary cell phone signals (2345G) can be selectively blocked. If you only want to block cell phone traffic and Internet signals, keep the call text messages, you can adjust the settings before leaving the factory. In addition, it is also possible to only shield the WiFi signal and retain the 2345G signal of the mobile phone.

Pay attention to the surrounding signal strength
Before buying a mobile phone jammer, you need to know whether the site that needs to be shielded is close to the signal base station, or a signal amplifier is installed on the roof. If the signal is extremely strong, the jammer with a small Power may not be able to completely shield it. Consider the use of higher Power products. As a mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer, Shenzhou Mingda has more than one hundred products. As long as you need it, we will definitely select the most suitable product for you.

The appearance of a mobile phone signal jammer
In terms of appearance, signal jammers can be divided into external antennas (metal shell) and built-in antennas (plastic shell). In general, the signal jammer of the external antenna is extended outward due to the external antenna, so it occupies a larger space and volume compared to the internal antenna. It is also because of the extended antenna that the effect of the external antenna will be more stable. The built-in antenna has a relatively beautiful appearance. It can be used in school dormitories or examination rooms to prevent students from malicious damage.
5 Power supply mode

The Power supply method of mobile phone jammers generally has a built-in lithium battery. After the battery is used up, you can use the Power adapter to charge; the test room uses 220V voltage Power supply, and the car jammer generally uses 12-36V voltage Power supply. has been established for more than ten years. It is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales. Its main project is to develop and produce high-end mobile jammer equipment and provide Mobile phone shielding system solutions.