Jammer Technology Protects Specific Areas From Intrusion

The purpose of this exercise is to educate and train anti-UAV operators in the air defense department and conduct experimental activities to develop and research new systems that will become more and more powerful and effective in responding to this threat.

During the training, the WATSON cell phone jammer used in the long-range multi-band unmanned aircraft system was tested. The new anti-drone jammer was developed by CPM.

As the company pointed out, the system is light and easy to use. It is designed to use the latest jammer technology to protect specific areas from UAS intrusion and achieve the best balance between performance and size. Lightweight and hand-held, this special "jamming gun" contains up to 15 BANDs, which can interrupt the most frequent connection between the UAS and the operator's satellite network (GSSN) and the new generation of possible frequencies.

WATSON can be used as a stand-alone jammer device, or it can be integrated into radar and integrated into anti-UAS systems, such as our CPM GUARD-ONE or other C 2 existing C-UAS systems. In this case, WATSON, which receives the alarm signal by radio, is guided to the destination as an "augmented reality" device.