Make A Simple Cell Phone Blocker

There are a lot of exams now, no matter if they are exams organized by schools themselves. It’s still a big exam in society. These are inseparable from Make A Simple Cell Phone Blocker for fairness, so the quality of the signal jammer determines the fairness of an exam. So choosing cell phone jammer for the fairness of the test is necessary. In China, I learned that there are indeed many manufacturers of signal jammers. There are many types of mobile phone signal jammers. Before purchasing, users should clarify their own needs to prevent exam room accidents due to poor shielding effect. They are still paying attention to how to use them correctness. First of all, I want to be clear about the place of use. Most schools use test room-type mobile phone jammers that are suitable for long-term work and good quality. The second is how big are we in the shielded area? For example, a room of 100 square meters is still a venue of 1,000 square meters. If the area is large, the power must be larger, and if the area is small, the shielding power can be adjusted.

Then there are the frequency bands that need to be blocked. Are all of China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, and CDMA blocked? Still only need to shield some frequency bands. Check whether there is any obstruction between the jammer and the wireless communication device. Make A Simple Cell Phone Blocker The transmitted interference signal will be attenuated to varying degrees after passing through the obstruction, please try to prevent it. Indoor mobile phone signal jammers are recommended to be placed at a height of about 180cm-220cm from the ground, and the angle is preferably forward. The weaker the wireless communication signal strength in the use environment, the stronger the theoretical shielding effect of the mobile phone jammer. The farther the mobile phone signal jammer uses from the base station, the stronger the theoretical shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer. The shielding of the signal is also affected by many factors, so you must pay attention to the environment you are in when choosing, which will affect the shielding quality of the signal jammer.