Man Caught With Cell Phone Blocker

Mobile phone jammer UHF broadband jamming technology The core technology (single frequency band) of this technology is realized by two functional ICs and their peripheral matching circuits. VCO (commonly known as Interference Source): A frequency circuit breaker is actually a voltage-to-frequency conversion device. It is necessary to turn the output of a phase difference voltage signal into a variable frequency PA (power amplifier): because the internal PA is driven by the power supply, power amplifier, detection and other parts, high-frequency rectification, power detection, error voltage amplification * cell phone jammer Installation method * can be used in automobiles . Man Caught With Cell Phone Blocker Can be screwed directly into the wall or ceiling, the surface temperature of the product can reach 50℃. Keep away from cold objects.

Some time ago, a school in Fuyang came up with a new "solution" for students who are addicted to mobile phones: install Man Caught With Cell Phone Blocker on the campus and turn it on at regular intervals every night to prevent students from playing with mobile phones at night. However, in the past two days, there have been voices on the Internet. Some residents near the school said that when using mobile phones at home, the signal was unstable, and it was suspected that it was related to the school's mobile phone signal jammer. Regarding the issue of mobile phone signal interference, the reporter consulted a staff member of the Radio Administration. The working principle of the mobile phone jammer is professionally described: when the mobile phone and the base station transmit signals, the interference signal scanning signal is transmitted with a signal faster than the mobile phone transmitting frequency, and this scanning signal can interfere with the communication frequency between the base station and the mobile phone. It can cause the mobile phone to not receive the base station information and achieve the "shielding effect" of no signal.