Mobile jammer to interrupt other people's calls

According to a report in Brecha published weekly in Uruguay a few weeks ago, it is reported that during the first Sanguinetti government (1985-1990), military intelligence agencies spied on this medium. , And even formulated a drafting plan. According to an article written by Samuel Blixen, an informant known as "El Bijo" infiltrated the editorial staff of the publication and extracted unspecified information. Some folders were found among the files owned by the late Colonel Castiglioni, and a cell phone jammer was also found on the ground.

According to Brecha, espionage involved leaders, judges, political parties, social organizations, and journalists, and continued until 2009. There are other media infiltrated, such as Mate Amargo (Mate Amargo), in which photographers are engaged in espionage. "El Bicho" tried to infiltrate newspapers related to the La Jolla Communist Party, but was unsuccessful and volunteered to become a collaborator of the Cuban News Agency's Latin American newspaper. Another infiltrated publication is a publication belonging to the Eastern Revolutionary Movement. The emergence of mobile cell phone jammer has made many problems clearer, which is that the person has used shielding devices for a long time to interrupt other people's calls.

Photos taken in the newsroom are used to identify people who may be "interested." Brecha magazine also published a document with drawings of the newsroom in the article. It is also well known that spies have orders to establish close relationships with the most important journalists working there. "Elbigcio" provided services to report various issues, such as finding Marxists in the police station, providing information about anti-republican nationalists, and the existence of Marxists in traditional political parties. Military intelligence personnel possess various cards provided by Uruguayan public organizations, can freely enter houses and other places, and pretend to be employees of these entities.

In this way, the infiltrator can check the department by pretending to be an employee of the phone company, and therefore can install a telephone microphone in the home of a diplomat. The spies visited the plan through the quartermaster, which would help them enter the residence of the investigator. Representatives of the Frante Emporio Party put forward a proposal in the House of Representatives for the establishment of a committee to investigate documents found in the home of the late soldier Castiglioni to investigate espionage by the army .