Mobile jammer avoids internet tracking

Is there any way to prevent the government from tracking me through the chip installed in my implant? I was seriously injured in the Iraq war. When the improvised explosive device exploded in a trash can near us, my team was patrolling the street. My leg was badly injured and they had many operations. They told me in the hospital that they installed many implants there. But recently I read on the Internet that every implant contains a chip that can provide the doctor with all the information about the operation performed. The chip can also track certain information on the Internet, and can monitor its location at any time. Can I use a cell phone jammer to avoid poor surveillance? I want to stop it! Hi John, you are right, most implants have a chip installed.

The phone switch will interrupt any type of wireless communication related to the phone. The cell phone works by communicating with the service network through the cell phone base station or base station. Cell phone towers divide the city into small areas or communities. When a mobile phone user enters the street, the signal is sent from the signal tower to the signal tower. In fact, the technology behind the mobile phone jammer device is very simple, similar to radio waves, which destroy the signal frequency required by the mobile phone. The radio frequency signal keeps the radio interference of the mobile phone within this frequency range. Interfering signals cause "unavailable" "network" or "weak signal". The cell phone jammer remained silent.