Mobile jammers can block different signals

When buying a jammer, you need to choose the signal jamming device according to your country/region, because each country/region has different signal frequencies, so the mobile cell phone jammer you choose is different. In this state, they can simply choose a mobile phone jammer that suits them, because we know that there are different types of mobile phone signal jammers, such as jammers, US version signals, and US mobile phone signal jammers. The EU version of the Powerful signal blocker will be available to you soon. Mobile phone signal jammer GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI UHF VHF (EU version)

Sometimes, under different circumstances, people may need to cut off signals in different frequency bands. At present, a mobile phone jammer with adjustable functions will be a good choice. Because it allows you to select the desired interference frequency band, other frequency bands will not be affected and can continue to be used. If you need a Power 3G signal mobile phone jammer, it can meet your needs, it uses a 4-antenna design, so you can easily cut off the GSM/3G signal at the same time. Therefore, the design has Power , and the interference range of the adjustable GSM 3G mobile phone signal jammer can reach 40 meters,