Mobile jammers improve home networks

You walk into a store and feel that the network is no longer working properly. Do you use jammers in such places? What is the legal situation regarding mobile cell phone jammer? Do you allow yourself to use them or are there restrictions? We inspire you.

Mobile jammer: where can it be used?
Our smartphones, as everyday companions, can now be seen everywhere. You can usually contact us at any time. Actually. Conversely, when using cell phone jammers, this also looks different. But why do you want to do this?

For example, in a movie theater, it makes sense to use cell phone jammers because you should concentrate on watching movies and also prevent recording. Such equipment will certainly also be practical in schools, so as not to distract students. Especially in the retail industry, this is even more an obstacle when you actually have the opportunity to quickly compare prices with your mobile phone. The store itself will also benefit from cell phone jammers.

If you still want to use a cell phone jammer, you must contact the Federal Network Administration. If unreported equipment is found, it will be confiscated and even imposed a fine of 1,000 euros. Mobile jammers can also interfere with emergency calls. This will result in higher fines.

In Germany, the state monopolizes radio frequencies. The jammer can be used on its side, for example in a prison. The European Union prohibits cell phone jammers. They can only be used with permission. Therefore, your poor reception may not be caused by cell phone interference. With these skills, bad reception has become a thing of the past. These tips will also help you improve the mobile phone reception in your home.