Mobile Phone Signal Scrambler

There are issues that violate privacy and lead to academic misconduct. It may put you in silent mode in public places. You should speak in a quiet voice so as not to disturb other guests. When the phone's ringing caused trouble to other people, the lobby manager's desire to interfere with radio waves rang. Is cell phone jammer legal? This is a hot topic on the Internet. Consider adopting passive and legal methods to safely block mobile phone services.

Small mobile phone signal scrambler on the market can limit the cell phone signal launched by the rocket to 500 m with a radius greater than 20 m. It only blocks phone signals, so you don’t have to worry about other electronic devices being affected. When the nearby signal is blocked, the mobile phone usually acts as if there is no signal, searching the network and so on.

The electronic mobile phone signal scrambler in the game occasionally makes a sound, which is easy to be recognized by the outdoor enemy, so it is suitable for placing in a narrow space. In practice, pay attention to the environment when installing interfering devices and avoid the influence of other metal devices in the area.