Scramble Cell Phone Signal

8W Power ultra-high temperature WiFi function Bluetooth 2G 3G 4G mobile cell phone jammer is suitable for refusing to use churches, mobile phones, WiFi, and Bluetooth. In a sense, people do not respect God when doing things in church, especially when praying and confessing sins.

The scramble cell phone signal needs to work in the church. Most people know that they don't pay much attention to their work or what they want to do... Even if they don't need it, the phone is a way of knowing how to play games on a smartphone, which is a habit. Yes. Even in the church, they will not give up. If the minister asks people to hang up, it's embarrassing.

By controlling the blocking of cell phone signals on the PC, the priest can successfully solve this problem. Before using the mobile phone, please give a warning at the entrance, be careful not to use the mobile phone in the church, and install a scramble cell phone signal inside the mobile phone. If needed, you can dial 911 from a specific location.