The original purpose of mobile jammer design

Due to the high-rise buildings in the urban area in recent years, in order to ensure the reception quality of mobile phone signals, operators have increased the density of base stations. If mobile cell phone jammer affect the base stations, it will affect the normal use of mobile phone users within a certain range. "Similar problems give us a lot of headaches." The reporter learned from various communication operators that many agencies, movie theaters, gas stations, etc., have now installed cell phone jammers for confidentiality, security or quietness. The user originally only used the "mobile phone jammer" to cause interference to the downlink mobile phone signal within the range of the use unit, but in fact, because many mobile phone jammers have excessive working Power and interfere with the mobile phone signal in the whole frequency band, it is normal for nearby residents Mobile phone communication has also had a serious impact, turning their phones into intermittent "dumb".

According to the Anhui Provincial Security Bureau, the most basic reason for the use of mobile phone jammers should be for confidentiality, to prevent meeting leaks or exam fraud, etc. The target of interference should be a fixed group of people within a specific range. As early as 2003, our province began to use "meeting information confidential machine" in some secret-related meetings to cut off mobile phone signals and increase the confidentiality of meetings. However, the purchase and use of the "confidential device for conference information" requires approval, and normal use can only cut off the mobile phone signal in a venue with a radius of about 25 meters and an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters. However, many privately sold "mobile phone jammers" have Interference with many unrelated people, and without the other party’s knowledge, violates the user’s right to know and freedom of communication.