cell phone jammer are small-scale shielding products

The shielding range of mobile cell phone jammer can be divided into four situations:

The first type: laboratory data, the shielding range of low-Power cell phone jammer is 0-50 meters, and the area is about 10~250 square (non-fixed value. The shielding effect varies according to the distance between the location and the base station. The shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. To decide). Low-Power cell phone jammer are small-scale shielding products, which are only aimed at open areas and have weak wall penetration capabilities.

The second type: there is no base station within 500 meters, one test room within 100 square meters is enough, 200 to 300 square meters large lecture halls need 2 to 3; the meeting room is installed within 100 square meters and two are installed in 200 square meters. , 600 square meters installed four. Installing more than 3 units in an area will form a honeycomb shielding effect, complementing the blind spots.

The third type: When the magnetic field is weak, install one in 2.5 classrooms. If there are 10 classrooms in a row, install 3 in the aisle. In addition, if the floor of the teaching building is a double-row classroom, you will be stained because of the external installation. The mobile cell phone jammers is an omnidirectional antenna, which is 360-degree shielded with the machine as the center of the circle, and 3 units are also installed in the aisle.

The fourth type: when the magnetic field is strong, there is a base station within 500 meters, a base station within 300 meters, a base station within 200 meters, a base station within 100 meters, and a base station on the top of the building. That can only depend on the situation. The stronger the magnetic field, the mobile phone signal needs to be installed. There will be more cell phone jammer. Finally, everyone needs to pay attention to clearly understand their surrounding environment and the area of ​​use, and then decide the number of cell phone jammer.