The use of jammers should be reasonable and legal

Many people have this problem. I have a question about mobile jammers. "It seems we will ban the use of mobile phones in schools. I wonder if teachers working in the field find it difficult to do this.
However, if they are forced to ban the use of mobile phones, I think there is a way to install mobile cell phone blocker in schools, but how to deal with it legally, and the personal decision to install such devices will not affect the "Radio Law"? "

Actually it depends on the state of the machine, but if it emits radio waves, it is necessary to obtain a license for the radio station. If you install a license based on your own judgment without obtaining a license, you are in violation of the Radio Law. Please note that if only weak radio waves are emitted, it will exceed the provisions of the Radio Law, but it is difficult to think that radio waves affecting other machines are within this range.

Regarding this issue, "the scope of the communication deterrent effect is limited to a specific space, and the space (concert hall, theater, and theater, hereinafter referred to as "concert hall, etc.") is not open to the public. It is necessary to suppress communications such as mobile phones To protect visitors to concert halls, etc., and ensure the smooth progress of business. In concert halls, etc., ensure that users (such as mobile phones) prohibit communication.
In this requirement, the installation location is "concert hall, theater, theater", but it will not judge whether to grant permission through the name of the facility, but for entertainment purposes in the place where the experimental test station is established. Make judgments based on content, etc.

For example, museums and libraries are places that usually need to be calm, but it is difficult to think that the above requirements can be met, so the establishment of radio stations is not allowed. The license for the experimental test station can be for concert halls, theaters and theater operators, wireless equipment manufacturers, and mobile phone operators. I talked about the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. If you don't follow the law, don't abuse it, you can use it as needed. After all, jammers have many advantages. Of course, under the premise of complying with laws and regulations, no one can touch the law.